Table runners, coasters, mug rugs, and wallets

I have worked on and completed a variety of projects this week.  The first thing I finished was this mug rug.

Valentine's Day mug rug

Valentine’s Day mug rug

Mug rugs are a great way to use up small scraps of fabric.  And you don’t need a pattern!  Just sew your strips together any way you like.  This modified log cabin is one of my favorite designs for mug rugs.

Next to be finished was a set of coasters for Valentine’s Day.

Coasters for Valentine's Day

Coasters for Valentine’s Day

I know red and white are traditional colors for Valentine’s Day, but I like to mix things up a bit.  I made several set of coasters using this design last fall.  It’s a great way to use a few leftover squares from charm packs.

One of the things on my to-do list this week was to make a denim wallet for a boy.  I looked on-line for patterns, and on Etsy to get some ideas, but there wasn’t very much information out there.  So I just started cutting and stitching.  Here’s what I came up with.

Denim wallets

Denim wallets

This project will continue to evolve.  I come up with my best ideas when I’m actually working on a project.

Wallet for Luke

Wallet for Luke

This is the first one I made and I think it is my favorite, so far anyway!

Inside of Luke's wallet

Inside of Luke’s wallet

I used the top edge of one of the pockets to make the pockets on the inside of the billfold.  I should have made one side a little longer than the other so the seams would miss each other when it is folded.

My big project for the week was a table runner using Moda’s Kissing Booth, another non-traditional Valentine’s Day collection.  Most of the fabrics were shades of pink with some brown ones!  But the finished effect is stunning.

Valentine's Day table runner made from Moda's Kissing Booth

Valentine’s Day table runner made from Moda’s Kissing Booth

I usually don’t buy fabric for the borders because I have shelves and shelves of fabric, but the red in this collection had just enough orange in it that nothing in my stash was the right color.  I was afraid I was going to have to order yardage of one of the reds in the collection.  But, lo and behold, a package of fabric that I had order from Beautiful Quilt Fabric arrived in the mail, and one of my selections was perfect for this border!  I had to buy two sets of charm packs to make the runner 16 inches wide by 46 inches long.  I have some fabrics leftover, but I’ll think of something to use them for.  Coasters, perhaps!

Recently I had ordered a set of Moda’s ABC 123 charm packs because I wanted to make some more baby quilts to put in my Etsy shop.  I’m using the same design as I did in the yellow and gray one that I made for the baby shower.  This time its primary colors, so I think either a boy or a girl could use it.  And this time I did have to order fabric for the border.  Thank goodness I found one of the fabrics in the charm pack on sale at  I was looking for red, but the green was on sale.  We’ll see if it works out.

In other news, I did some cleaning and putting away of stuff in my “studio” this week, too.  And I found the tote bag pattern that had been missing.  I want to use it as a starting point for a diaper bag.  It just needs more pockets and longer handles.

We are going to a birthday party tomorrow.  Luke turns four, so we will see if he likes his billfold.  The football I made last year was a big hit.

Sounds like the weather could get dicey over the weekend, too.  Stay safe, everyone!



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6 Responses to Table runners, coasters, mug rugs, and wallets

  1. love the idea of the wallets for boys or men…out of denim…can’t beat it!

  2. sharon wishnevski says:

    is there a website that you sell your items at, i ran across this blog as i was searching for valentine table linens.

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