Baby Julia

We went to a birthday party on Saturday for our youngest grandson.  I didn’t get any good pictures of Luke, but I did get of couple of our great-granddaughter Julia.

Julia with her great grandpa

Julia with her great grandpa

This one isn’t the best of Julia, but it is a good shot of Paul.  The pretty lady in the background is Katie’s grandmother.  Matt and Katie’s boys have two great grandmothers.  They are the only grandkids that still have four generations.

Julia Elizabeth at 6 months

Julia Elizabeth at 6 months

This is my favorite picture of Julia.  I tried to get one of her smiling, but that is really hard to do.

I worked on a pastel flannel baby quilt today.  I’m making it rag quilted.  I’m trying something new on this one.  I’m alternating the pastel squares with white squares.  I think I’m going to like it.  I debated putting the colors into rows or doing a random design.  I decided to go with rows, although I think I would have liked a random design better.

We have had some weird weather this week.  It was 30 degrees Sunday morning, and raining, so the sidewalks and roads were slick.  It rained enough to get icing on the trees and fences, but that didn’t happen.  By noon it had warmed up enough that it was just raining, and it kept warming up during the night.  It was 66 when I went out after lunch for a walk, and it got warmer.  Forecast is for an outbreak of severe storms during the next 24 hours before it cools off again.  Crazy!  The daffodils on the south side of the house have been up for a couple of weeks now, and today I saw some in the flower bed just breaking through.  I think they are in for a surprise!

I ordered four more charm packs of Kissing Booth today using the iPad.  I usually do that sort of thing with the computer, but sometimes it is more convenient to use the iPad.  I ordered some more fabric from on Friday.  It should be coming soon.  The fast shipping is one thing I really like about  I want to finish the baby quilt this week, and the flannel quilt that I worked on today.  Last week I was gone more than I was at home, so I’m hoping to get more done this week!

Stay safe, everyone!




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4 Responses to Baby Julia

  1. pretty baby girl…4 generations is quite awesome…

  2. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    What a beautiful baby girl, you must be proud!

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