Capt. John King, my 9th great grandfather

Continuing with the King family, I will talk about Capt. John King today.  John King, my 9th ggf, came to America with at least two brothers, Ralph and Thomas.  John was captain of the ship Falcon and was involved in trade with Barbadoes in 1863.  By 1642, he had married and had at least three sons, and was living in Charles City, VA.  John had married Ann Daniel in 1589.  Some genealogies list her father as Piers Daniel, but other sources list other parents.  She is believed to have been born about 1574 in Cheshire.  John had been born in Cheshire four years earlier, in 1570.

Francis is the only son that I know much about.  He was born in 1589 and died in 1653.  He was married twice, first to Dorothy Aston and then to Elizabeth Brooke.

It appears that his brother Michael (1594-1662) settled in Norfolk, VA.  Robert was the youngest, being born in 1600.  His date of death is given as 1650.

Capt. John King’s wife, Ann, lived until 1653.  John lived until 1669 and is buried in the Burton Parish Courtyard at Williamsburg, VA.

I will continue the King family story with more about Francis in my next post.  The names of his children and to whom they were married is a bit confusing.  Hopefully I can get them sorted out!


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