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New Etsy listings

I have been doing some quilting this week.  Here’s photos of the last three items that I listed on Etsy. The “ruffles” on the pillow top are actually rows of fabric that is stitched down and clipped like the seams … Continue reading

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Successful gluten free baking

Some time ago I ordered a set of different gluten free bread mixes from Chebe.  They are made with tapioca flour and starch so they are naturally gluten free.  This week I tried the bread sticks.  I didn’t tell anyone … Continue reading

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Our Easter feast

We have a rather non-traditional Easter feast.  We gave up several years ago on having a big, formal, sit-down meal.  Not fun for anyone.  Too many small children.  And too much work.  So this year we went with sliced meat … Continue reading

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Dark sweet cherries and more

I had planned to make a cherry pie with canned sour cherries this afternoon.  For a change, I started getting everything out before I started making anything.  As soon as I opened one can of the cherries, I knew something … Continue reading

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Easy, fresh salsa recipe

I found a Paula Deen recipe that doesn’t call for a stick of butter.  Can you believe it! I wanted to make some fresh salsa last week, so I turned to the web for a recipe.  I decided to start … Continue reading

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Spring flowers

I have enjoyed the show my bulbs have put on this spring.  I have lots of these yellow daffodils. I like these daffodils with yellow centers and white outer petals. I like the fuzzy pollen that you can see in … Continue reading

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