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Making a twin size quilt

Some time ago my oldest grandson had ask me to make him a quilt.  I had made him a baby quilt before he was born, but that was ten years ago.  Now he wanted one big enough for a twin … Continue reading

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Post a Day 2011 #6 – It’s Thursday

I dipped into the archives tonight for a picture for my blog.  I posted this one a couple of years ago on Vox.  We still have Lady, although we figured out recently that she has been here about 10 years.  … Continue reading

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My black dogs

My black dogs went with me today when I took my walk. And they behaved! Usually, Gonzo is pulling on my jacket or hanging onto my pants leg, but I started stepping on his toes every time he did that, … Continue reading

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Look who came to dinner

2010_05_13 – Thursday 003 This is what I saw when I looked out my kitchen window this afternoon.  He didn't really come to dinner.  He was just passing through.  You can tell he had come out of our lagoon because … Continue reading

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A beautiful Saturday in the country

2009_11_06 – 016.JPG – Vox While I was outside with the dogs yesterday, that were poking around at something in the yard, so I went over to see what it was.  This furry little creature looks like he is sunbathing, … Continue reading

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Saturday in the country

2008_09_19 – Friday 003.JPG – Vox Even though I know I shouldn't go outside, I did sneak out for a few minutes yesterday afternoon.  It was so nice! This shot was taken from my front yard.  I zoomed in using … Continue reading

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