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Valentine’s Day mug rug

Mug rugs are one of my favorite ways to use small scraps of fabric.  Rather than save them for a big project, I like to use them right away.  Here’s the latest one. I want to try this same technique … Continue reading

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Glasses case for Etsy

I’m still working on the baby quilt, but I had to take a break last night and make a glasses case.  I felt the need to do something with denim again.  Here’s how it turned out. The denim is from … Continue reading

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Wood for winter

This time of year we start getting concerned about how we are going to stay warm during the coming winter season.  We have  furnace that will burn oil, but we haven’t purchased any in several years, which means we can … Continue reading

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Country By Design!

I just typed Country By Design into my msn search engine.  The first two listings are for this blog on WordPress!  Yeah!!  I need to try Google and see if the same thing happens.  I have spent a lot of time … Continue reading

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Post #10 – It’s winter!

Well, so much for a post a day for 2011!  But life happens, and I’ve had a lot of it this week.  On Monday, it took me an hour to drive hour in the snow only to find out that … Continue reading

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Revised Winter Haiku – one more time!

Thanks for those of you that pointed out that I still have trouble counting!  I like this version better anyway. Grey overcast skies Freezing wind chilling the bone Announcing winter. 

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Winter Haiku

Winter Freezing cold wind blows Chilling the body to the bone It must be winter.    Thanks to Barefoot Blogger for the information about haiku.  I really like the challenge of distilling a thought to the bare essence. This one … Continue reading

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