Country By Design projects


I’ve started working on two or three projects at a time in an effort to keep things interesting!  Yesterday, I machine quilted this wall hanging.  All of the squares are from Me and My Sisters from Moda.  I love the colors.

Wall hanging with charm packs from Me and My Sisters for Moda

Here’s a close up of the center square.


Good Morning from Me and My Sisters for Moda

All of the 5 inch squares in this section are from the “Good Morning” charm pack collection.  The yellow edging will match the yellow in these squares as will the green in the paisley binding.

I have also been working on a glasses case mostly because I have discovered that I love to do free hand embroidery, with no pattern or directions.  Just a piece of fabric and my embroidery floss and a needle.  In this case, the fabric is deep red velvet, a scrap left over from a long velvet skirt that I made for my granddaughter years ago.  Here’s a bit of the detail which is repeated the entire length of the piece.

Free hand embroidery on red velvet




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2 Responses to Country By Design projects

  1. very pretty…I too love the bright colors…and the embroidery is so pretty…mkg

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