Ticker Tape and Featherweight

I wanted to work on my Ticker Tape quilt blocks this afternoon.  I’m not sure this is exactly how they are supposed to be done, but it works for me.

Ticker Tape quilt blocks

If I understand correctly, ticker tape quilt blocks have strips of scraps that are stitched to a background fabric.  Instead of just strips, my squares have triangles, squares and hearts.  I wanted to start stitching on them yesterday, but the light bulb on my Bernina burned out and I can’t see well enough to sew in the dark.  So today, I got out my trusty old Singer Featherweight.

Little Singer Featherweight with his big brother Bernina

The Singer had worked fine the last time I used it, but it didn’t want to work today.  It would form a few stitches, then skip a lot more.  I should have checked the needle.  Probably just need to take it in for service.  I’m sure it’s been awhile!

So now I have to figure out what to do for a few days until I get my light bulb.  It’s a 15 watt bulb, but it is a special shape just for this machine.  I found one at www.sewingstyle.com for a good price, and the shipping was reasonable, too.  I looked at walking feet, too, but they cost more than I can justify.  Guess I need to ask Santa!


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